Our Story

Amaica is an indigenous Kenyan five-star restaurant chain that provides an engaging cultural experience for its customers. Amaica is renowned for its authentic African food, service excellence based on African hospitality standards, set in an African environment to enhance the customer experience.

From its inception in 2006, Amaica prides itself in providing customers with healthy, balanced and unique African dishes from around the Continent. Amaica caters to a wide variety of palettes and has meals generated from communities’ around the African Continent; from appetizing starters to delectable desserts. Amaica also plays host to patrons across the demographic divide including corporates, mature crowds, young adults, geriatrics and children. We offer the perfect environment for special occasions as well, whether celebrated in a small groups or large parties.

Our Vision

To be The African Brand of Choice for Cultural Fusion, Heritage and Diversity.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive and exceptional cultural experiences through promotion of African food, traditions, art and culture.

Our Values
  • Community Empowerment
  • Service Excellence
  • Quality Production
  • Value Addition
  • Cultural Heritage

It is Amaica’s ultimate desire to be the focal point for authoritative knowledge and reference for everything African culture. Our intention is to provide a linkage between traditional culture and the future, blending the heritage of nations with the vision of the people. We stand for culture preservation, transfer and maintenance and we seek, as a brand to reconnect and have citizens plug into the rich diversity that is Africa.

As we continue our journey that mainly focuses on the provision of exciting culinary experiences by exposing guests to healthy authentic meals in an atmosphere of African hospitality, comfort and culture.

The Amaica experience is a cultural adventure that aims at providing a greater understanding and appreciation of African history, heritage, and culture. African culture cherishes celebration and Amaica brings this experience to life through its various products and services.

Amaica is driven by key values that guide and govern its operating philosophy and organizational culture.

  • Community Empowerment – Amaica is committed to making a difference in the lives of rural communities by empowering them to improve their socio-economic status
  • Service Excellence – Amaica has a firm belief in being customer centric and providing excellent customer service that focusses on putting customers first.
  • Quality Production – Amaica’s is grounded in providing exceptional quality products and services. Central to Amaica’s operations is the focus on ensuring quality processes are ingrained.
  • Value Addition – Amaica embraces creativity and innovation to ensure that all Amaica outputs provide value for money and increase the standards and quality of life.
  • Cultural Heritage – Amaica is keen on knowledge transfer to the future generations to contribute to the preservation and continuity of the African culture.