Deliveries / Takeout

In these uncertain times, we’re all concerned about our health.

At Amaica, we’re making wellbeing our priority. Our kitchen and service teams are following the highest levels of WHO hygiene and sanitation both in food preparation and on themselves. We’re also taking extra measures to sanitize seating areas every hour. And ofcourse, we continue to source only the freshest of produce from certified farms and suppliers making.

Amaica has developed products and services that aim at mitigating the negative impact of coronavirus on the Kenyan population. We are targeting to create a positive impact in the following area:

Immune Boosters

We are aware that one of the most important health elements in slowing down the rate of infections as well as the extend of the infection in terms of severity is the level of our immunity.

These meals are available for take-out; both as ready-to-eat as well as bulk pre-cooked targeting families. The pre-cooked meals are delivered with recipes attached on them hence ensuring that the meals are served sumptuous to the family.

Find below the menu of the meals available for take-out.

Download Precooked / Takeout Meals Menu