The Amaica Experience

Amaica restaurant has positioned itself as the destination offering a Kenyan Cultural dining experience. Since its inception in the year 2006, it has continued to work at enhancing the customer experience in order to ensure that the guests get exposed to a wholesome cultural experience and the food becomes one of the components as opposed to the only component. Amaica’s value propositions, which determine our existence as a business and are detailed in our ‘Customer Experience’ will include the following:-


The security guards are adorned in a variety of Kenyan Warriors’ regalia as opposed to the traditional security guards’ uniform. This will signify the presence of warriors guarding a ‘Boma’. The guests will be received by guest relations officer(s) adorned in Traditional attire and will be served a welcome drink comprising of any of the various indigenous beverages; busaa, muratina, mnazi, mursik, fermented finger millet porridge; all presented in the African gourd, calabash, horn or mbokos.

Food Presentation

We realize that the traditional dinner plate was designed for the continental dishes. The Authentic Kenyan cuisine requires a different plate or platter. We are to design a platter that will enable us present food to our guests in a manner that will give our food the dignity that it deserves.

Cultural Attire

Just as our menu is representative of Kenya’s diverse Culture so will the staff uniform be. Our service staffs are adorned in various cultural attires representative of most tribes across the country.


Due to Kenya’s diverse culture, the cultural entertainment is equally diverse with a wide variety of cultural instruments, beats and dance. We will be introducing an entertainment troupe that will showcase Kenya’s rich and diverse cultural entertainment.

Traditional Brew

For the last decade, the Kenyan traditional brew has received adverse publicity due to the manner in which it is prepared and served. Our brew was prepared in the best hygienic conditions and consumed in the most disciplined manner by our great grandparents. It was served during ceremonial functions and had certain cultural connotations. That is exactly where Amaica restaurant will be placing our brew.

Working with Kenya Bureau of Standards (KBS), we are setting up a brewery that will be producing, distributing and serving our indigenous brews to both those guests at the restaurant and those wishing to have the brew delivered to them. The brewery will be open to guests wishing to take a tour to inspect and appreciate the high quality of production.

Interactive Kitchen

We will create a kitchen that will be open to our guests interested in participating in the preparation of some of our delicacies or simply observing as some of the delicacies go through the various production processes. We will also offer some organizations the opportunity to utilize the facility as a team building activity to some of their members of staff.

As we advance our coverage within the restaurant industry with unrivalled unique selling capabilities, our product lines will include:

Gourmet Journey through Kenya excluding a guided cultural tour

The guest has the opportunity to sample all the signature dishes from the various regions across Kenya. It is a set menu comprising seven courses. Before each course is presented, the wait staff presenting the delicacies will explain to the guests how the meal is prepared and from which region in Kenya it is from. As they present each of these meals, the wait staff presenting the meal will be adorned in the various cultural attires of the community whose meal is being served.

As the guests continue traversing the country during this cultural dining tour, an entertainment troupe will showcase the various cultural instruments from across Kenya depicting the rich cultural heritage within the country.

Gourmet Journey through Kenya including a guided cultural tour

Before the guest gets down to indulge in the Kenyan delicacies, they are given a guided tour of Amaica. The guest is exposed to the processes of our cultural food and beverage production including the traditional methods of preservation. The guest may decide to participate in some of these activities/processes.

Some of the activities/processes include:

  • Preparation of Omunyu Omusherekha (indigenous salt from plant extracts)
  • Traditional Preservation methods e.g Smoking of beef/Chicken etc
  • Grinding of flour on stone
  • Pounding of grains, nuts etc
  • Traditional methods of cooking Kenyan meals as is done at Amaica restaurant
  • Production of some of our Indigenous Kenyan brews
  • Traditional Storage methods

After the tour, the guest will settle down to sample all the signature dishes from the various regions across Kenya as detailed above.