Amaica – Extending Flavour

8 October 2015

Amaica – your favourite Authentic African Cuisine Restaurant has opened an outlet at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Located in the international departures terminal 1A at the food court, Amaica serves a wide variety of customers including travelers waiting to catch their flights, those on transit, airline crew and members of the workforce around the airport. Maintaining the Amaica theme of providing authentic African food in a traditional African ambience in the embrace of warm African hospitality, Amaica JKIA is a favourite meeting and refreshment point at the Airport.

The team at Amaica has extended local menu options to an international audience and provides travelers a taste of Africa. With both the highly pictorial a la carte and buffet options, and with the assistance from the waitstaff, customers have the pleasure of selecting dishes that tickle their culinary fancy. With a seating of over a hundred guests, Amaica is ideal for hosting large groups as well as accommodating an increased influx of customers.

Overlooking the Airport parking apron, runway and hangars, Amaica JKIA guests are treated to a scenic view that has customers enthralled by planes taking off and landing as well as providing a ‘people watching’ experience that inspires storytelling and conversations. The combination of great African food and a beautiful view makes Amaica JKIA quite an attraction.

“I love the Chapatti and Kunde. It reminds me of my grandma’s cooking. I could sit here all day eating this food and staring out at the planes. I must stop by Amaica when I’m travelling. It would be criminal not to” Angela Bosire – Foodie and Travel Enthusiast.

The JKIA branch opened its doors to customers in September 2014 and has continued to grow and serve customers from all walks of life. The same professional team that has been preparing the signature dishes at Amaica and providing timely service for the past nine years have extended this culture to the Airport branch, having the regular Amaica customers feel at home.

So if you are on your way to another country for work or holiday, please make a stop at Amaica JKIA and sample fine food and friendship in a fine facility.