Amaica – A Cultural Adventure

2 September 2015

Amaica is a hub of cultural diversity that brings together a kaleidoscope of African traditional experiences, and transports customers through a truly memorable cultural experience. From all regions of the country Amaica draws its customer experience offerings based on the culinary specialities unique to different communities that have continued to distinguish truly authentic cuisine.

Amaica is an indigenous Kenyan restaurant that prides itself on providing customers with a real cultural experience woven around authentic African food, the renowned warm African hospitality and a traditional African ambience to complete the picture. Amaica started with one branch exclusively serving cuisine from Western Kenya, and based on popularity, customer demand and the need for quality.

It has since expanded its offering basket and is now a prestigious chain of African restaurants that is recognised both locally and internationally for its diversity in representation of the different communities around Kenya and its ability to replicate the traditional experience in an urban setting. The décor at all the Amaica outlets is truly African, and makes use of African materials and adornments to enhance the ambience and setting. African Artefacts are displayed at Amaica outlets to showcase the African culture and to generate conversations about Africa.

Amaica currently has two outlets: one at Peponi Road and another at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport that caters for a wide variety of clientele including families, the business fraternity, corporate events, expats, tourists, special occasions and government. Amaica prides itself on serving truly authentic food prepared using traditional methods that ensures a very healthy outcome. Amaica is very keen to preserve African traditional history and culture and by preparing food the traditional way, the traditional cooking methods are kept alive and made accessible to the current generation.

Amaica is keen on knowledge transfer to the future generations and has previously partnered with the department of culture to host events to show case and sensitise the public on the nutritious, medicinal and intrinsic value of traditional foods. A key focus area for Amaica is to host food preparation and sampling activities and to engage customers in creating the products from end to end including providing an education on historical knowledge and perspectives.

Amaica welcomes guests from all walks to life to journey through ‘The Amaica Experience’ and to tell stories for generations to come.