Healthy Eating Philosophy

14 September 2015

Amaica embraces a philosophy of employing the healthiest production methods possible to ensure the food served is nutritious and promotes healthy living.  Amaica bases its menu of offerings on the traditional way in which our rural communities prepared food that was devoid of unhealthy elements and practices.

Amaica acknowledges that there are increasing statistics of lifestyle diseases that are directly attributed to current eating habits that are predominantly characterized by food high in cholesterol, genetically modified food options, food from highly processed ingredients stripped of fiber and foods low in nutritive value of the fast and junk food nature.  The citizenry has continued to embrace a Westernized eating culture and drifted away from eating quality indigenous foods.

Amaica therefore follows stringent production procedures that ensure a healthy outcome and provides healthy products. Instead of frying with cooking oil, food is steamed and the flavour of food is enhanced using a variety of methods including the use of peanut sauce, milk,  and other blended natural condiments like tomatoes, onions, peppers and fruit to improve the flavour.

The Amaica food is also cooked using traditional methods that simulate cooking practices of the past. Food is cooked in traditional pots that bring out its natural taste. Natural food preservation methods that eliminate the need for artificial preservatives are also employed including smoking, salting, sun drying and dehydrating that provide a healthy alternative. To keep the vegetables green and fresh and to avoid oxidation, Amaica uses a traditionally derivative of sodium bicarbonate produced locally by titration of the ash of vegetable stalks and peels to produce a natural preservative and meat tenderizer.

Amaica fully embraces healthy eating and is keen on providing customers a healthy, nutritious option for the whole family.