Making a Difference By Empowering Rural Communities

10 September 2015

Amaica is committed to making a difference in the lives of rural communities by empowering them to improve their socio-economic status.

Amaica exclusively serves traditional food in a traditional setting, actively providing the rural communities with a vibrant market for their produce. Amaica sources traditional vegetables, grains, nuts, table mats, cooking and serving vessels, artefacts and other products from rural communities hailing from all around the country.

As a result of stimulated demand from Amaica’s growing business, there has been a distinct impact on the growth of economic activity from the different community vendors, who have had continuous engagement with Amaica. To ensure a sustained supply and to ensure the production of quality products that meet the required standards, Amaica has helped women farmers come together to form groups that allow them to have a structured and consistent approach to business and better bargaining power while selling their produce.

This has also enabled the establishment within these groups of financial arrangements that have enabled the women invest and better the standards of living for their families and communities.

Amaica’s social impact is far reaching and ranges from: procurement of vegetables, termites, grains and nuts from the Western region of the country; sourcing for prepared and packaged condiments, chutneys, sauces and desserts from the Coastal zone; purchasing baskets, table mats, bowl holders and calabashes form the East; as well as traditional brews from all around the country.

The different rural vendors have improved their production, packaging and working models and continue to streamline their activities to supply quality products to Amaica.

For every meal served at Amaica, the impact is traceable to the improvement of rural communities in the country.  As Amaica continues to expand its menu offering and explore more traditional dishes, décor and unique service offerings, the baseline of rural farmers and producers in their quest to make a living will grow. It is anticipated that these suppliers will as a result of continued demand, create secondary employment opportunities within their set ups and impact the wider community.

Amaica also employs rural women as traditional recipe developers. These women are central to Amaica’s delivery of authentic African meals and partner with Amaica to transfer their knowledge of traditional recipes passed down through generations to the chefs at Amaica. Amaica has also empowered the women to work in Amaica’s production team as chefs and have been up skilled up to learn professional culinary skills through partnership with the professional Chefs on the team.