Natural Meat Processing – The Healthy Way

24 November 2015

There has been quite a furore after the announcement by WHO that certain processed meats cause cancer. The specific statement from the Cancer Council at reads “The World Health Organisation has classified processed meats – including ham, salami, sausages and hot dogs – as a class 1 carcinogen which means that there is strong evidence that processed meats cause cancer. These classifications do not indicate the risk of getting cancer, rather how certain we are that these things are likely to cause cancer.”

This has caused panic around the world and various health practitioners have come out to either support or dispute the notion. At Amaica, our principle remains the same. That if your forefathers ate it, then there should be nothing to worry about. Our ancestors of yore in the African set up ate very healthy food that they hunted or gathered.

The meats from different animals were boiled, stewed, steamed, smoked, stripped and sun dried, salted, roasted, seared or broiled. Everything was natural and all the processes the meat was subjected to were from nature. There were no artificial chemicals added to the meats to modify them either to change the taste or to extend their shelf life. Preservation was done naturally.

The different traditional methods used to prepare food at Amaica, preserve the culture and traditions from the different communities around the country.  There are varied natural methods ranging from the far north where the nomadic tribes handled their meat on the go and had various drying techniques such as the creation of the Kenyan version of Biltong to the great rift where the Maasai dry meat on open low flames to the coastal communities that wrapped the meat in salt and spices under the ash heaps. The cooking methods steer away from deep fried processing that subjects meals to an unhealthy amount of oil, to the more healthy options available.

The real cause of cancer is yet unknown. However, everyone should endeavour to steer clear and avoid substances that have been clearly identified or listed as suspects in the cancer causing realm. A healthy eating philosophy grounded in our African roots needs to be adopted and sustained. We wish you all healthy eating lifestyle full of natural goodness.

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