Traditional Kenyan Dishes that Will Lower Your Medical Bills in 2016

20 January 2016

It is cheaper to be healthy, hence the need to make resolutions to include more healthy options to your daily food intake.

In Kenya, we are blessed to have a rich culture in which food is a major component. Every ethnic community has its own traditional dishes and though some may cut across the different communities, the methods of preparing these traditional Kenyan dishes will differ.

A good example would be Githeri. This is a popular dish in central parts of Kenya making it a staple food. In the Eastern parts, their version of Githeri, is known as Muthokoi while in Western it is known as Amenjera Ketsibande.

It is one of the cheapest dishes to prepare and is packed with nutrition, since the ingredients are beans and maize. This authentic Kenyan dish can also be served in several variations.

Another dish that can derived from Githeri is Mukimo.

To prepare Mukimo, potatoes and pumpkin leaves, boiled together and once tender are mashed together with salt. This is another inexpensive and healthy dish to enjoy this year. These are dishes you can share as a family and even carry the left overs to the office for lunch the following day.

Ngwaci’s or sweet potatoes are a super food. In Kenya, we grow three kinds of sweet potatoes:- white,purple and red skinned ones whose flesh will either be yellow or white. The yellow fleshed sweet potato variety is the most nutritious of all as it comes packed with beta carotene that is great for your eyes and immune system,Vitamin C, dietary fibre and carbohydrates.
Ngwaci’s are easy to prepare, it takes a wash and boil to have them ready to eat. They can be served on their own as an accompaniment for  breakfast.
They are also used in the place of regular potatoes especially in mashed food. They can also be added to pastry dough as a natural sweetener.
When mashed, they can be served with soups and stews. They are readily available in the market and due to their high nutritional value make them part of your market list.

To include on that market list, add yams, arrow roots and cassava. These are also authentic Kenyan foods which come highly recommended and are pocket friendly.